Thursday, July 9, 2015

Book your train tickets now or it will be too late. Yes its Diwali rush.

You may be wondering that isn’t it too early? Now that the advance reservation period is 120 days, you may have to plan the things at the right time. Many of us work in metropolitan cities and would like to visit our hometown on the occasion of Diwali.  For me, the festival of Diwali is always special to me and I like to spend this beautiful time with my family.
This year, Diwali will be celebrated on 11th of November, Wednesday. A better plan will be to take the complete week off and to leave for our hometown on 6th November, Friday.  Tickets for 6th November is already open for booking and it went wait-listed minutes after the booking opened. Some of the trains from Bangalore to Delhi and its current availability status are as follows:

Bangalore - Delhi Availability for 6th November, Friday  as on  9th  July 8:41AM

Train # Train Name SL 3A 2A

Booking started today at 8 AM and it got wait-listed just after 7-8 minutes. Well, there is still time for you if you want to book for this date, as there are chances that it will be confirmed. To be safer side, you can also book tickets for the next day i.e Saturday.

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Dynamic fare pricing to be introduced by Indian Railways from Dec24rth

Come December 24rth, Indian Railway is all set to introduce dynamic fare pricing similar to dynamic pricing of airline tickets.

Premium special train is introduced from Railway on the busy New Delhi-Mumbai sector with dynamic fare pricing. Dynamic fare stands for the fare component which may be increased with the subsequent bookings.

The premium A/C special trains with train no. 22913 and 22914 shall operate on the following dates :
Ex-New Delhi, 
Train No: 22914 
Ex-Mumbai Central, 
Train No: 22913 
24th Dec 2013 26th Dec 2013 27th Dec 2013 29th Dec 2013 30th Dec 2013 01st Jan 2014 02nd Jan 2014 -------

The booking is already started from 21st December 2013.

Important points

  • There shall be no commercial stoppages enroute for this train.
  • The trains shall originate and terminate at New Delhi and Mumbai Central stations.
  • There shall be only two classes of travel accommodation, viz. AC-3Tier and AC-2Tier.
  • Catering shall be provided on-board and catering charges shall be part of tariff.
  • Advance Reservation Period (ARP) of this train will be a maximum of 15 days.
  • Dynamic fare shall be charged for confirm as well as RAC passengers.
  • Waitlist Ticket Booking is not allowed in this train.
  • The passengers are required to carry the prescribed original photo identity card.
  • Only E-tickets will be permitted for booking.
  • I-ticket Booking is not allowed in this train.
  • Modification is not allowed.
  • Tatkal/ Ladies/Other Quota tickets cannot be booked in this train.
  • No concession shall be applicable in this train.
  • Upgradation option shall not be applicable in this train.
  • Only end to end, General Quota Booking will be allowed.
  • Current booking will be allowed on reservation counters after charting only.
  • No Refund shall be granted. However, full refund shall be admissible only if the train is fully cancelled.
  • The menu and tariff of the catering services will be similar to other Rajdhani Trains.
  • Dynamic Fare along with Total fare will be displayed after filling Reservation form.
  • Users must ensure the Fare and Journey Details before proceeding for payment.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Best honeymoon destination in India

Best honeymoon destination in India :-

Here comes some of the best honeymoon destination in India. If you are newly married then these destination will fill your heart with romance J .Or if you have spent many years of your marriage, then these places will give you a refresh feeling and fill your heart with a new energy.
-          Goa
-          Alleppey 
-          Manali -
-          Darjeeling
-          Mount Abu

GOA :-

Goa  is India's smallest state by area and the fourth smallest by population. Located in West India in the region known as the Konkan, it is bounded by the state of Maharashtra to the north, and by Karnataka to the east and south, while the Arabian Sea forms its western coast. Honeymoon in Goa is the perfect way to beginning of a new life. The breathtaking  and appealing atmosphere of the golden sand beach shore and the mind blowing blow of the waves makes Goa, a perfect place to celebrate intimate chemistry relation to every honeymoon escape.

Why Goa?
·         On the beaches of Goa you will find an awesome beauty to explore.
·         It is Popular for its happening nightlife bearing a lot of Portuguese culture .
·         Dolphin Cruises, para sailing, water-skiing make your honeymoon an adventurous and memorable.
·         Mandovi's thick mangroves and Dr. Salim's Bird Sanctuary
·         Ancient churches and forts.

Manali :-

Manali in the Beas River Valley is a hill station nestled in the mountains of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh near the northern end of the Kullu Valley. For the national and international tourist,honeymoon in Manali is like a dream come true. Its a good time and good place to know more about your partener.You will feel here cool gentle winds, vast expansion of meadows, tiny fields, small quaint settlements and lovely fruit orchards which will give a majestic look to the serene ambiance of Manali. Watching snowfall in Manali is not less that a free-visit to heaven.

Why Manali ?
·         Queens of valley
·         Temple, gracious willows green fields, fruit trees makes an altogether lovely landscape
·         Adventure sports such as mountaineering, trekking, paragliding and skiing
·         Natural hot-water fountain, Rehalla Fall

Alleppey :-

Alleppey, is a city in Alappuzha District ofKerala state of southern India. This town is considered to be the oldest planned town in this region and the lighthouse built on the coast of the town is the first of its kind along the Laccadive Sea coast.Honeymoon in Alleppy is the perfect way to start a new life. Alleppey gives you an undefined environment for romance. If you wish to go to  destination full of canals, backwaters, beaches and lagoons, Alleppey is the best place to visit.

Why Alleppey:-
·         Alleppey's long beaches are  an ideal place to sit and relax.
·         Kuttanad enticing backwaters and the amazing backwater house boats
·         Krishnapuram Palace built in typical Kerala style of architecture
·         Ambalapuzha Temple famed for its traditional Kerala architecture and delicious palpayasam.

Darjeeling :-

Darjeeling is a town in the Indian state of West Bengal. A popular tourist destination. It is noted for its tea industry and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site . Darjeeling is a fascinating place rich in natural beauty and not less than perfect to hangout with your soul mate Honeymoon is the time for the couple to spend some unforgettable moments alone after they have become married. It gives them time to celebrate the beginning of their life together. Find yourself in between the Buddhist monasteries, Tea plantations with the combination of valleys,  bubbling brooks, exotic wildlife and streams making an irresistible place.  

Why Darjeeling?
·         Sunrise from Tiger Hill looks like a ball of fire emerging from the bosom of the earth transforming the snowy cold ranges into a fiery crimson.
·         Green Tea Estate gives you a  scenic view
·       Natural History Museum has a wide range of collection of preserved reptiles, birds, butterflies and other insects.
·         Himalayan Red Panda and the elusive Snow Leopard.

Mount Abu :-

Mount Abu is a popular hill station in the Aravalli Range in Sirohi district of Rajasthan state in westernIndia near the border with Gujarat. Away from crowded areas, Mount Abu is a green oasis in the barren desert escape and a perfect place to celebrate intimate chemistry relation to every honeymoon escapes. Blessed by nature, this town having tremendous wooded valleys that line the winding drive to the summit lend some longed-for Alpine beauty to a .Sunset Point is widely popular and lovely place from which to watch the brilliant setting sun, though distinctly unromantic unless you find that being thrust red roses, bags of peanuts, or Polaroid cameras gets you into a loving mood.

Why  Mount Abu?
  • A breathtaking view verdant plains and valleys.
  • Spectacular sight of the setting sun provides splendid view of the landscape when the hills are covered in the golden glow.
  • Wildlife Sanctuary ,a popular spot for viewing peacocks and patridges.
  • Major pilgrimage sites of India for both Hindu as well as Jain religions.

To be Continued…..

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Enjoy Beauty of nature in this Season :-)

Monsoon in India brings a beautiful picture of nature's beauty in India. Some of us dance in rain; some just enjoy it sitting beside the window; while many of us move away from the hustle bustle of city and lap into the arms of Mother Nature to make the most of this time.If you are a travel lover and love nature's beauty then it is the best time to see the beautiful India.

There are many beautiful destination in India during the monsoon time like kerala, goa,Kashmir,Leh have been always on the top of the list. We bring you some monsoon destination whose beauty will refresh your mind in the rain - Andaman & Nicobar Island, Coorg, Meghalaya.

Andaman & Nicobar island:-
Andaman & Nicobar Islands is one such place which can give you the opportunity to imagine the breezy weather and a soft downpour while you are enjoying your scuba activities.Imagine the breezy weather and a soft downpour while you are enjoying your scuba activities.You can enjoy beach activities at Radhanagar Beach, Vijaynagar Beach, or Elephant Beach. These foreshores are framed by mature and fine specimen trees of the tropical rainforest. To witness nature closely,  watch out for the beautiful sunset.

Snorkeling is yet another interesting activity of the island. This is nothing but viewing shallow areas of the coral with the help of scuba equipments. It is truly amazing to experience striking and strange coral formations which are certainly beyond imagination.

The most pleasing weather in Coorg is from June to August. This craggy hilly region encounters massive rainfall and whimsical early winter showers. It is said that the most viable time to visit Coorg is between October and April; however, one can truly enjoy Coorg during the rainy season.The beauty of your visit to Coorg during monsoons is the effect it will have on you. Witness these heavy showers and make the most of the alluring beauty which Coorg offers during monsoons. This certainly will help you experience inner peace. The aroma and the aura of coffee plantations will certainly make you fall in love with this place.

Meghalaya truly depicts the meaning of its name of being ‘the abode of clouds’. During this time the air is filled with mist, caves become even deeper the forests turn virgin green in color, and a number of waterfalls come alive with heavy falls and a thunderous sound.From May to September each year, the upland of Meghalaya plays a perfect host to the massive rainfall, brought by colossal clouds that rise from the Bay of Bengal. It is an ethereal condition unlike any other, of the extremes of nature and of mystery and magic brought by the monsoons.after visiting the waterfalls around, you can visit West Khasi Hills to reach Cherrapunji – the wettest place of the entire region. Here you can enjoy the mystical atmosphere of rain, mist, thunders, clouds, and lightning bolts. During light rains you can go outdoors and visit some of the caves that spellbind the landscape of this faraway tropical paradise.

Enjoy Beauty of nature in this Season!!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Experience of typical sleeper class journey

If you are a travel lover and if you are in India, at some point of time your travel will involve taking the Indian Railways. Since the AC coaches are more comfortable and delicate-traveler-friendly, there is no better way to enjoy India. But Journey in AC class is not affordable by many of the people in India. So here is some experience of typical Sleeper class journey which involves following stages-

1. The Reservation

In the old days when e-ticket booking was not an option, getting a confirmed sleeper class reservation on any train required an elaborate ritual of heading to the Reservation counter at the local railway station, filling up a detailed form, waiting in a serpentine queue for hours in heat or cold or rain, encountering either a totally disinterested or an overly enthusiastic clerk and praying to your deity of choice to receive a rectangular blue and white dot-matrix printed ticket. When the internet age came along, Indian Railways thought this experience should be recreated online and with this sole purpose in mind was created the great IRCTC website. At every morning, thousands of frustrated Indians religiously use some selective words against imaginary mother and sister of IRCTC website, but after an hour of drama, you will eventually get a confirmed reservation. Except when you don't- in which case you will be pulled into a complicated system of Waitlist and RAC and Tatkal and agents. For the moment lets assume you were spared that experience and you have a confirmed sleeper ticket.On to the next step.

 2. The Hope

On the day of travel, once you have negotiated your way through the maze of passengers and their relatives and reached your coach, every male passenger stops outside the door and goes into a dream sequence imagining romance blooming on the train with a pretty female co-passenger like it happened in a couple of  Bollywood movies, then opens his eyes, carefully goes through the Reservation chart pasted outside the coach, expecting some F21, F19 passengers but rather finds all middle aged uncles or families assigned seats around him and makes a slow walk to his berth. If you are traveling by an Indian train for the first time, do not forget this step. It is an essential one.

3. The Adjustment

If you are boarding from the starting station of a train the first thirty minutes after boarding will be spent in The Great Indian Adjustment Game. If boarding from an intermediate station, you have lost the game before having a chance to make your move. Irrespective of what berth you have been assigned, there will always be some passenger who would want you to exchange it with his/her berth. A six year old brat kid will invariably start Occupy Window Seat movement forcing him onto your lap or squeezing him in between you and the window. Families of four with two reserved berths and twelve pieces of luggage will make themselves comfortable on a part of your berth after shoveling their bags in every inch of available space below the seats. Do not get scared by this experience. This is the best ice-breaker ever. Once you have successfully adjusted yourself to everyone's satisfaction, you will reap the benefits of it in the next step.

4. The Food

Depending on your luck, your train may or may not have a Pantry Car. If it has one, you will get to see the ultimate example of standardization in the world- every single meal item sold on every train will look and taste exactly the same. One journey from Bangalore to Delhi, I was served exact same gravy, but called Aloo Mutter at lunch, Chana Masala at dinner and Chhole at the second day's lunch. This is the time to reap benefits of the previous step. Tha families around you will always have enough food to feed a small African country for a week and they will happily share it with you. Try everything. It is the most fun part of a train journey, but do not overeat, because then you will have to use the toilet, which takes us to the next step.

5. The Loo

Sleeper class coaches on Indian trains have Western and Indian style toilets but there is no guarantee that there will be posterior-cleaning supplies available, neither western nor Indian. The trick is to observe around the coach carefully to see if people walking up and down the aisle are carrying empty water bottles or not. If they are, you should also carry one to the loo. Trust me, you will not regret this. Once inside, you will experience cool breeze hitting your posterior. Look down and you will witness a facility unique to Indian Railways- a loo with a view. You have not experienced a train journey unless you have seen the tracks below while answering nature's call!

6. The Sleeper

A majority of passengers take the term "Sleeper Class" too literally. They will want to sleep as soon as the sun goes down and sometimes even when the sun is high up in the sky. Invariably the person having the middle berth will have the maximum enthusiasm to get the berth down and sleep, thereby forcing the lower berth occupying passenger to crouch and Upper Berth passenger to climb up to his little abode. Try to delay the inevitable and they will argue- "But I paid for my Sleeper reservation. I don't want to waste it!". You have no option but to give in, but here comes the next, and best step.

7. The Door

This is something you cannot do on a plane or a luxury bus but can do in an Indian Railways Sleeper coach. Stand at the open door and enjoy the breeze! When you think you have had enough of conversations with co-passengers on everything from current affairs to sports to origin of universe and that your body has made sufficient use of the berth to get above the threshold of "wasting sleeper reservation", head out to the door and stand or sit at the footstep enjoying the view outside. Some like to have music in their ears while doing this, but if you ask me, the rythmic sound of metal wheels against the metal rail is the best melody ever. 

Enjoy,Happy Journey!