Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Track your Trains on Google Maps

Heard the announcement of train delay and got vexed up with long time waiting in the railway station!

Don’t worry..!Now, things have been winded up. You can know the information even from your home. Indian Railways have come up with a very good system, RAIL RADAR SYSTEM that shows the position of train on Google Maps. Doesn’t it seem interesting?
Rail Radar System provides information about all the trains that are running at any point of time. Using this service you can spot the exact location of train.
How to use this?

Open http://railradar.trainenquiry.com/ you find India map. On the top right corner you can find the number of trains active and whether they are on time or getting delayed.

The map can be zoomed in or out by scrolling the mouse or by clicking the ‘+’ or ’-’ icons on the left.
Trains that are running on time are displayed in blue and those running late are shown in red.
Clicking on an arrow will reveal train details and its route on the map. The details include the train’s number and name, last stop, station at which it will halt next and the train’s status as on-time or delayed in minutes.

You can find a feature ‘search’ on the left corner where in which you can enter train number or the name of a train to find it on the map. After you enter train name you find the list of trains.

Clicking on one of the train, you find train’s icon (Green color) on the map which provides you the details.

When you click on ‘check here for latest updates’, page will be redirected to http://trainenquiry.com/TrainStatus.aspx  where you can find the distance in kms.

You can also get the details based on station names or station codes by clicking on ‘stations’.
I felt this is an efficient mechanism of tracking the train position and it is very much user-friendly, no confusion in using it and what about you?

Start using this service from now.

Happy Journey..!
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